About nine months ago, we welcomed you to our space so we could share with you every aspect of our journey - working as youth delegates. The delegacy period has been an astounding chapter of our lives with few challenges but generally full of learning, exploration, development and growth. We have worked with the youth in creating relevant education facilities that contributes to improving their capacity in meeting the needs of the vulnerable.

Some of the educational opportunities have also been to prepare them to assume leadership roles and responsibilities. We have learnt a lot about different cultures and shared as much about our culture. But because every story has a beginning and an end, ours end here.

We will be attending Homecoming Seminar at the National Office where together with other delegates we will share our experiences and get debrief. Shortly afterwards, we will fly home, with good memories.

We want to thank the youth from Asker, Vestby og Ås, Skedsmo, Oppegård, Enebakk, Eidsvoll og Hurdal and Rælingen whom we really had a good time working together with. You guys are the best! We also want to specially thank our Local Contact Person - Lise and the entire staff at the district office for welcoming us with open arms and ensuring we settled in smoothly. We want to thank YDEP national and international coordinators who have been steady pillars during the mission. Lastly we want to thank you dear reader, yes you who has passed here every week to catch up with our latest posts.

PS: On 12th June 2019 we have an amazing presentation from 1800-2000 (Norwegian time). It will be fun and you don’t want to miss. The event will be live YDEP Facebook page.