Well! Well! Well! Another holiday in Norway. This time round, with rays of sunshine spreading heat and warmth to all corners, it’s spring! Positive vibes and energy kindled and elicited : )


A trip to the seaside - Oslo fjord in mind. With its deep blue waters, the fjord is home to several beautiful islands. Nishan having taken this trip before was our tour guide. He led us to the docks and showed us the boat to take, he also informed us that the boat ride would take one hour with 4 stops on different islands. I have not been in a boat in Norway. Well, not exactly, I haven’t been on a small boat. Eugene has been on a boat in the same fjord before but not this boat we intended to take and certainly not in the direction we wanted to go to and he hasn’t been on one when it is warm and sunny, so we were exhilarated.

Tickets check, chocolates check, drinking water check, sun glasses check. We were so ready for the trip. We got into a boat and it sadly turned out to be the wrong boat. Only 10 minutes ride and only heading to one Island. We went back to Oslo and got in another boat. This time all sure that we were on the right one. Guess what, it was not the one. It was a 15 minutes ride heading to two different Islands. It was both frustrating and funny, it remindes us of our early days when we took wrong buses heading to different directions. However, we were not deterred. We took lots of good pictures and made a video. Not giving up, we went back to Oslo and got in the RIGHT boat this time – only after asking a number of people if it was B1 boat that goes to Hovedøya, Bleikøya, Gressholmen, Lindøya øst, Lindøya vest and Nakholmen. The wait was definitely worth the while. We had a great time enjoying the waters. A boat ride it was.

Later in the day we went to celebrate DEN NORSKE TURBANDAGEN 2019 Turban Day in Oslo. 10th anniversary grand celebration marking a decade of efforts for the differentness! “In many ways the turban is a bit like a crown. A crown that everyone has the right to join regardless of who you are or what you work with.” Powerful, no? We wanted to get the turban wrapped on our heads, unfortunately the line was too long plus we were late due to our boat drama. We got to enjoy some Indian snacks though. What a festival!


Eugene and I had yet another unplanned escapade. A quick evening visit to the Vigeland Park, which is one of Oslo’s most popular attraction and worlds largest sculptor park by a single artist. Whatever was running through the sculptor’s mind when coming up with the different design ideas, we don’t know. All we know is that the sculptures were very captivating and enchanting. They raised different emotions. Most importantly, we had fun mimicking different poses of different sculptures.


Slow but busy day in the office. Oh, and we celebrated our colleagues’ birthday at lunch.

“Gratulerer med dagen Gurvir.”


Kompis kveld in Asker. We had loads and loads of fun with the volunteers learning about Easter traditions in Norway. We played First Aid kahoot games to gain more knowledge. This was after having an afternoon tour in Asker with our colleague Naomi who offered to drive us round.


Did you know that some Museums in Oslo have free admission on Thursdays? Now you do. We took advantage of this and visited the Natural History museum which happens to be the largest and oldest museum of natural history. There was an amazing botanical garden. We dint get to see everything but we sure were enthralled by what we saw.


Delnya, a colleague of ours invited us for a nature trail around Lake Maridalsvannet. It was such an amazing experience being in the woods, away from the hustle and bustle of city.

We got to see farm houses with history dating back to the 1800s with two or more horses in the stables. We covered 10.2 kilometres but it felt way less at the end of it.


On Saturday Eugene, Nishan and I took a cruise boat to Copenhagen. This was my third cruise trip but I was still fascinated. There is something about being on a cruise ship when it is warm and bright till late in the night. We arrived on Sunday morning to a welcoming city full of life. I like to do shopping when I visit different places, but Copenhagen didn’t offer me the chance as most shops were closed : ( We couldn’t help but just admire : )


We came back to Oslo, after having another 17hours in the sea. Later in the afternoon, I joined “UNIK-Ungdom i Asker og Bærum - Voksne For Barn” group on an Easter tour in the forest in Vestmarka following an invitation from a friend-Hilde Elise.🐣🌞🐥We talked, grilled sausages and played games. This has been one of my favorite holidays. I got to do so much and had lots of fun.