During our early days in Norway we’d meet people and the conversations would go like:

¨How long have you guys been in Norway? ¨

¨One month now¨

¨Do you find it different? ¨

¨Well, yeah¨

¨Have you visited other places in Norway other than Oslo? ¨

¨Yeah, we have been to Flekkefjord¨

¨You have to visit Bergen¨

There was this hype about Bergen’s beauty and how it also persistently rained there. Initially I had thought this was just a sense of loyalty from those coming from Bergen but that changed as I met other people coming from different parts of Norway talking about Bergen’s beauty. Slowly I started swimming in the hype and created a mental picture of how the city looked like.

And finally, we were now going to visit Bergen. If there is one thing I have learnt it is that: having expectations about a place usually leads to great disappointments. So, as I boarded our overnight train with my colleague Nishan, I tried so hard to tame my expectations. Some friends told us that we had made a mistake taking the night train. Because Bergen’s beauty didn’t just lie in seeing the city but also enjoying and admiring the spectacular and varied nature which encompasses the railway route from Oslo.

When we arrived, Bergen was still asleep but her beauty was awake.

When we arrived, Bergen was still asleep but her beauty was awake.

We arrived in the morning and from the moment we walked from the train station we could clearly see why everyone seemed to be talking about the city. A city between mountains, with colourful houses perched on the mountain slopes and narrow alleys. Bergen is beautiful. What really amazed us is the number of stairs one has to climb while moving around the city. It is only fair to say that Bergen qualifies to be named ¨Work out city¨

The climax of our visit came when we hiked Mount Fløyen. Some sections of the path had been slippery due stony ice but once we got to the top, we felt it had all been worth it.


The view was breath taking, scenic and something one could not get enough of. Our experience in Bergen was so unique in a way that it did not rain all the days we were there.