After weeks of planning and putting everything in order, Akershus Red Cross District annual general meeting (AGM) finally took place last weekend at X Meeting Point: a conference facility in the middle of where you would not imagine it to be. It brought together volunteers from the Care, Youth and Search and Rescue. It was all pomp and colour as the place had been decorated with different attractive information banners and posters with the search and rescue volunteers adding an element of splendour in their alluring uniforms.


After registration of every participants the district leader, Gaute Sars, officially opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. Norwegian Red Cross President Robert Mood gave a speech about the work of Norwegian Red Cross both within and without the country for the past year. As with every AGM, election of board members is mandatory. There were separate locations set aside for the Care, Youth and Search and Rescue boards to conduct their elections.

During AGM, Akershus district awards local branches that do an outstanding job in recruitment, publicity and education (offering courses). The different youth groups have been doing quite well. For the first time, there was a Youth award category aimed at recognizing the group that stood out in taking unique and impressive initiatives in activities, visibility, leadership and cooperation with other stakeholders in their locality. Asker Red Cross Youth got the award. Congratulations Asker.

The AGM was also characterized by key inspirational discussions which touched on leadership, Norwegian Red Cross towards 2020/2030, children and youth, elders in active volunteering, intercultural dialogue, migration amongst others. Interesting to note is that the district will be hosting the Norwegian Red Cross-National Assembly next year. It was a great weekend and as youth delegates we are glad we were part of it and now we are excited and looking forward to work with the newly elected District Youth Board.