Whether it is skill-based volunteering which leverages on specialized skills and  talents of individuals or traditional volunteering where specific training is not required volunteering is a noble thing. Online volunteering, micro-volunteering, volunteering in emergencies following disasters, volunteering in schools, volunteering at major sporting events like Olympics and all other kinds of volunteer work has immense benefits, to the giver/receiver of the services, organization, community and to the nation at large. Nothing compares to the work volunteers do through sacrifices and determination. “Volunteers build Resilient Communities”. Volunteerism is the heart of the International Red Cross/ Red Crescent Movement.

Last week, we joined Håkon and Anna, two volunteers from Ski Red Cross at Drømtorp High School. We had a stand in the high school where we gave information about Red Cross and Ski Red Cross activities. We talked about the Youth Delegates Exchange Programme and shared our experience so far. It was amazing to see the students and staff coming to the stand to engage us. They were curious and interested to know more.

It is crucial to have a society that is aware of what Red Cross is and what it does but more so to have a society that actually feels part of Red Cross. It is important for children to grow up learning about volunteerism either from the activities they do in school, courses they take or from what they see happening around them. More like anticipatory socialization where a person "rehearses" for future positions, occupations, and social relationships. A culture of volunteering is inculcated in them from a tender age. In this way, they are motivated to become volunteers even while in school, gap year students and graduates or even become volunteers after school. Some might even be interested to work as professional staff in the organization. This can also be a way to to ensure continuos flow of volunteers hence tackling problem of few volunteers.


Are you a Norwegian Citizen or hold a valid work permit in Norway and would like to work either in Kenya or Colombia as Norwegian Red Cross Youth Delegate? You can apply for the Youth Basic Training Course and upon completion of the course you will be eligible to apply for position of Youth Delegate. To get more information about the process, click HERE.