Youth Delegates 2018/2019


Teresa 25, has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Economics. She enjoys traveling and prides herself in the experience she has acquired over the past 8 years volunteering in Kenya Red Cross. It has given her an opportunity to give back to the society as well as sharpening her skills. She has been a key player in pushing the youth agenda through participating, organizing and coordinating activities under dissemination of the Red Cross principles , protection of life & health like disaster response, community service and promotion of national & international mutual friendship & understanding at her local branch. Working with community members interests her the most. She is very excited about the program.

Eugene 24,comes from Kisumu,Kenya. He holds a bachelor in computer science and has been volunteering in the Red Cross for over 4 years now. He has majorly been involved in the dissemination of the fundamental principles and is part of a team that publishes a magazine titled ¨Youth Chronicles¨ in his local branch. He looks forward to bringing the Kenyan experience to Norway and taking Norwegian experience back home.