Sunday in Ngare Ndare forest

The list of all the things we want to do and all the places we want to visit during our mission in Kenya is growing longer by the day. We want to get to know Laikipia County and Kenya as much as possible.

On Sunday, we explored the Ngare Ndare forest, one hour North of Nanyuki. In Ngare Ndare forest, there are natural pools and waterfalls running directly from Mount Kenya. The water is therefore quite chilly, but we still went in for a swim!

Hiking in the forest is a beautiful experience. Trees here are up to 200 years old, according to Ngare Ndare Forest Trust. We did not see any elephants or other wildlife during our hike, but that was not necessary for this to be a memorable experience. The canopy walk in the treetops was the cherry on top on this beautiful day.