Responding with KRCS

As Youth Delegates we take part in Red Cross activities with the youth volunteers in the branch. This is the best way to learn and enhance our own understanding of the National Society. Last week we took part in two activities - first aid service and emergency relief distribution.

Taking part in First Aid service:

We were two first aid teams who met at the office early Sunday morning as we had two events to cover. Elfi was in the team for the football tournament, which consisted of seven volunteers. In addition to providing first aid we also brought the Branch’s sound system which is hired out as an Income Generating Activity (IGA).

Before the game started we all put on our emblem-vests, checked the first aid kits and had a brief meeting to distribute roles. As the tournament progressed, we dealt with several casualties of both major and minor injuries. After the event we treated ourselves some tea and mandazi before we drove back home. As is custom after activities in KRCS we had a debrief to air any concerns and evaluate our own performance.

Taking part in relief distribution:

On Wednesday the 7th we joined the Branch's emergency relief distribution together with one staff and three volunteers. Unfortunately there had been a fire that affected 15 households, who lost their homes. On Wednesday we distributed NFIs (non-food items): blankets, a kitchen set, water bags and soap to the families. The previous day there had been an assessment and distribution of clothes.

It has been particularly inspiring to experience the professionalism of the volunteers, the teamwork amongst them and also to see how communities in Laikipia and Kenya Red Cross meets.

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