Meet the YDEP team

As mentioned in a previous blog post, 2019 started with the recruitment of a team to help with the planning and implementation of YDEP in Laikipia. These talented and driven youth volunteers will amongst other work on improving communication and information systems within the Branch, conducting membership recruitment drives, and mobilising towards the Youth Assembly and election in the spring.

The purpose of forming a YDEP team is:

·       To increase knowledge and skills of Laikipia Red Cross youth volunteers on planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting on activities.

·       To increase our understanding of Laikipia Red Cross.

·       To facilitate the implementation of YDEP activities in at least three different locations in Laikipia.

·       To make YDEP activities sustainable.

Elfi, Sarah, Sam, Eunice (Treasurer in the Board), Mary (Board member), Alex.  Edwin, Vincent, Ingrid, Teresia.  Photo: Fredd Onyango.

Elfi, Sarah, Sam, Eunice (Treasurer in the Board), Mary (Board member), Alex.

Edwin, Vincent, Ingrid, Teresia.

Photo: Fredd Onyango.

Elfi and I are thrilled to have this talented group of volunteers join the project. Working closely with volunteers makes the project more locally sensitive, and is crucial to ensure that the implemented organisational development interventions last beyond our term in Laikipia.

The team has already met for two planning meetings, and will start implementing activities in February/March. Scroll down in this post to get to know them all a little better!



Sarah is a Red Cross volunteer and member of Laikipia Chapter. She is a final year community development student at Laikipia University.

- As a change agent I want to minimize humanitarian crisis and empower the society towards sustainable development.



Alex is a volunteer in Nyahururu in Laikipia west. He studies community development, and is looking forward to promoting youth participation within Red Cross in Laikipia and within KRCS.

- Being in the YDEP team is a good opportunity to increase my leadership skills.



Edwin is a volunteer in Nanyuki and member of the Branch Youth Committee for the County. He is a mechanical engineering technician.

- I am a team player who is passionate about empowering youth as an agent of change.



Teresia is a volunteer and member of Laikipia Chapter. She studies education at Laikipia University.

- I am passionate about peer counselling and enjoy meeting new people.



Sam is a Red Cross volunteer from Nanyuki. He recently finished his BSc. in Entrepreneurship and has a heart and passion of service to the community.

- I love teamwork, developing leadership skills and engaging with the community at large.



Vincent is a Red Cross volunteer and member from Nanyuki. He has a lot of experience from being active in a range of organizations.

- I love socializing, facilitating team-building sessions and organizing camps and hikes.

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