Touchdown Laikipia

Arrival in Nanyuki, Laikipia

Based on our last few blogposts, you have already learned that we are based in the county of Laikipia, more specifically in Nanyuki town. Today, we share our arrival to our new home, and our first impressions of Nanyuki.

The road from Nairobi to Nanyuki is a scenic trip, that changes from rolling hills to vast plains. The green landscape turns noticeably more arid the more you approach Laikipia, and when you step out of the car in Nanyuki, you realise that you are at a higher altitude as the air is fresh and cooler than in Nairobi.

Laikipian landscape. Photo: Elfi Thrane Bemelmans.

Laikipian landscape. Photo: Elfi Thrane Bemelmans.

Did you know?

Large parts of Laikipia are located on a high-altitude plateau.

Nanyuki town lies at 1947 metres above sea level.

First impressions of Nanyuki

The feeling of waking up in Nanyuki and seeing the summit of Mount Kenya, and knowing we would be staying here for nine months, was ecstatic.

Nanyuki is a small town, which according to a 2009 census has a population of about 50,000. It is still a very lively town! The streets are full of people and traffic. There are a range of interesting shops to visit, and we particularly enjoy the delicious street food that is available everywhere. Githeri, chips moito and ndengu are a few of the dishes we enjoy during our lunch breaks.

Street of Nanyuki town. Photo: Ingrid Legrand Gjerdset

Street of Nanyuki town. Photo: Ingrid Legrand Gjerdset

Enjoying githeri. Photo: YDEP

Enjoying githeri. Photo: YDEP

We know that Nanyuki and Laikipia provides a range of hiking opportunities, and has a diverse and large animal population. The possibilities for incredible experiences are ample, and we want to make the most of our time in Laikipia.

Not our first small town experience

For the past years, we have both lived in the capital of Norway, which has around 634,000 inhabitants. However, we have both grown up in much less crowded places, so Nanyuki feels like a nice-sized town in which to be located for a nine-month period.

Elfi is from a town called Arendal, which has about 44,000 inhabitants. Ingrid is from an even smaller place called Torvik (100 inhabitants) in the municipality of Rauma, which has about 7500 inhabitants.

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