Workshop Camp And Community Activities

This weekend, the youth group in Norte de Santander had the honor of hosting a weekend long workshop camp in the outskirts of Cúcuta, to train volunteers towards becoming instructors in the programs of PAL (Outdoor program) and Recreación. Volunteers from the districts of Cundinamarca, Antioquia and Valle de Cauca joined in to strengthen their knowledge and abilities regarding the two programs. Also joining us was Sara, the youth delegate from Norway working in Cundinamarca.

Since neither of us youth delegates are training to become instructors, like the other volunteers were, we got to go attend both of the parallel workshops, and learned great new exercises and activities for youths, as well as practical skills to survive, like to set up a camp in the wilderness.

Finalizing the camp was a trust building exercise; a midnight hike with eyes covered, before heading out for community work the following day.

Read more about the programs PAL and Recreation below the photos.


PAL – Programa Aire Libre

PAL (Outdoor program) is one of the seven programs in the youth section of Colombian Red Cross. Focusing on creating methodological strategies for taking care of the environment, promoting a healthy lifestyle and disaster prevention, through camping and working outdoors.


The recreation program promotes development, rest and fun, primarily through activities, games and energizers, with the goal of supporting the recovery of the social fabrics of vulnerable communities, as a part of the humanitarian action of the Colombian Red Cross.