Nonviolent communication workshop

Last weekend we held our first workshop with the coordinators from the various Colombian Red Cross Youth programs, on non-violent communication. The coordinators agreed on this topic last week in a meeting we held, as they believed that this was the most important and urgent area to strengthen.

Therefore, we planned and executed a workshop about nonviolent communication that we held for the coordinators, based on the methodology and exercises from Street Mediation. The content from this course will be used by the coordinators to teach the rest of the youth volunteers. 

Since it was our first workshop in Colombia, we were a bit nervous to see if we met with the coordinators' and the cultural expectations. Our Spanish teacher very helpful and offered for us to practice our workshop with her beforehand. Being local she could also help us with cultural adjustments where needed.

The language can still be challenging, and at times poses difficulties, but the participants were very interested in the topic and were very active during the workshop. We were very satisfied with the result and are eager to see the coordinators hold this workshop for the rest out the Youth section.

Following are some more pictures form the event: