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The last weekend we were invited to Bogotá to assist in a Street Mediation workshop facilitated by the other youth delegates in Colombia, Sara and Ana. The 16 hours workshop was held by Christina and William, a former youth delegate, as they are both certified Street Mediation instructors. While Sara, Ana, and Fredrik facilitated, participated and documented the workshop. The group of participants, youth volunteers within the Red Cross movement, where very engaged and interested in the subject. We are proud to announce that everybody passed the final test, and are now certified mediators.

During the weekend, we also visited one of the most popular tourist attraction in Bogotá; the Monserrate. The mountain ranges above the south parts of the city and the church from the 1500th century on the top (3152 meters above sea level) is a very important pilgrim goal. The recent time, it’s becoming more popular as a tourist attraction for the incredible view over the city, but they still have church services every Sunday.

The view from the Monserrate 

The view from the Monserrate 

It was very refreshing to us, being in the big city and getting a change of scenery. The cooler climate and western vibe gave us a little taste of home. Although this being our second time in Bogotá, we still feel a bit lost, as the city is huge! In fact, it’s the 11th biggest capital in the world. The city has experienced a tremendous growth the last 60 years; in 1950 the population was 670 000, 60 years later it reached 8 000 000! Much of this is due to the great number of people displaced by the war moving to the city, and urbanization in general. It’s varied demography and interesting story makes Bogotá a very fascinating city, but of course, such a large population and rapid growth causes some challenges as well, poverty and crime are existent challenges, but the city has come a long way since the more violent 90’s and is now a desired tourist destination. Use your common sense and follow advice from the locals, and Bogotá is just as safe as any other big city, and one of the most beautiful ones we’ve seen!


El fin de semana pasado estuvimos invitados a Bogotá para asistir haciendo el taller de mediación de calle, facilitado por las otras delegadas Sara y Ana. El taller de 16 horas estuvo realizado por Christina y Willian, el delegado de juventud anterior, ya que ambos son instructores certificados de mediación de calle. Sara, Ana y Fredrik estuvieron facilitando, participando y documentando el taller. Los participantes, voluntarios de juventud en la seccional Cundinamarca, estuvieron dedicados e interesados en el tema, y estamos orgullosos de anunciar que todos pasaron la prueba final, y ya están mediadores certificados. Durante el fin de semana visitamos uno de los más visitados lugares turísticos en Bogotá; Monserrate. La montaña, ubicada en el sur de la ciudad, se extiende 3152 metros sobre el nivel del mar y en la cima hay una iglesia del siglo XV, una destinación importante de los peregrinos. En los últimos tiempos se está convirtiendo una destinación turística, por la vista increíble, aunque todavía tiene misa todos los domingos.