Stairways to Heaven

Everywhere I am in the world I always seem to find a stair.

Someone is weak for chocolate, chips, ice-cream, movies, football, you name it. Of course, I am also weak for these things. However, there are some things I am more in favour of than the aforementioned. Especially one activity. Namely, I am very weak for running and exercising in stairs.

My favourite workout activity is to run, jump and do exercises in stairs. Thus, when travelling to another city or new country I am always on the “hunt for” a new favourite stairway I can work out in.

Below, you can see few examples on stairs I have found on my travels to different cities in Norway, and elsewhere in the world.

Why do I love so much to exercise in stairs?

  •           Variety
  •           Fun
  •           Exhausting
  •           Social when doing it with friends
  •           Using the whole body
  •           On the top there’s always a beautiful view waiting for me to enjoy.
  •           Its free - don't cost any money to work out in stairs

Where do I find the stairs?

  •           Stadiums (football, tennis, rugby etc.)
  •           Ski-jump arenas
  •           In nature
  •           In the cities
  •           Inside buildings


What work-out activity do you like the most? Please tell me – I would love to try it out as well 😊


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Jumping loves from stair-lover, Camilla


Photo sources:åsen+large+hill+seriously+damaged