Serve with smile

8th of May is known as The World Red Cross and Cresent Day. The founder, Jean Henry Dunant, was born that day and is a day that is celebrated every year by the Red Cross and Red Cresent movement worldwide.

Last tuesday, 8th of May, was full of joy and excitement here in Nepal. As many of the Red Cross youths in Sunsari was eager to celebrate this day, me and Camilla had a full schedule from morning to evening. The day was even so hectic that we had to separate us self (and yes, it can happend even when one are co-delegates). I was lucky to be invited to celebrate this day with the youths in Morang District, while Camilla celebrated 8th of May with youth and staff members in our District Chapter Office at Sunsari District. 

At 0530am I meet some of the Red Cross volunteers from Sunsari to drive to Morang district, which is approx. 1,5h away from were we live. When we got there 200 Red Cross youth volunteers were ready to start a ralley around the city center. Eventhough I was exchusted because of the heat (and yes, 32 celsius to too hot when one are from Norway), it was so much fun to see the youths go around with their ralley slogans like e.g "serve with a smile" all day long. 

After the ralley, the day continued with Red Cross quiz, formal speeches, Henry Dunant cake cutting (which I was lucky to cut myself), competition and an income generation activity in Morang. We had a lot of fun and this was defintely my first time to see how big celebration 8th of May are for the Red Crossers worldwide! 

Continue to serve with smile,