Embrace the diversity around you

Sustainable development requires inclusion of everyone – so embrace the diversity in your local community – in your country – in the world!

All the participants from the FK-Norway camp in August 2017 (Photo credit: FK-Norway).

All the participants from the FK-Norway camp in August 2017 (Photo credit: FK-Norway).

And where do you find diversity?

In Norway you find diversity – I have been surrounded by diversity throughout my education. Namely, because it’s been both boys and girls in my classes, and amongst my classmates there have been a pool of different interests and hobbies. I been living in different cities in Norway, however I perceive Oslo as “the diversity-city” in Norway. Strolling around in Oslo from one part of the city to another is something I love doing. When doing that I feel like I am travelling between different worlds. FASCINATING!

In South Africa you find diversity. Twice I been living in the country of Nelson Mandela. Every second, I found myself being surrounded by diversity in South Africa. Various articles and documents about South Africa, includes buzzwords like “diversity” or “rainbow-nation”. And for me, it is also this diversity that makes me keep on wanting to come back. I become so fascinated by the diversity you find in South Africa from history, culture, food, music, nature.

Embracing the diversity of Cape Town, South Africa

Embracing the diversity of Cape Town, South Africa

In Nepal you find diversity – I have found diversity especially in the various of cultures I learned about and observed. For example, in Dharan, I see modern dressed teenager, I see women wearing saris, I see different national costumes, I see military officers –  Basically, I see it all. And this town isn’t that big either, only 141,439 lives here (in Oslo it lives approximately 673,469. In comparison, my hometown Trondheim has a population of 193, 000 – Trondheim is not a big city in European scale – however it is the third largest in Norway). Although not big, I sometimes feel like I'm getting a bit of everything in this cozy, diverse town of Dharan.

At FK-Norway I found diversity… PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER WORLD was gathered to get to know each-other and exchange cultures. We even had a cultural evening and I was blown away by the different dances, songs and performances. I remember sitting there with Jørund Ungdomsdelegat. We were like two proud parents looking at our kids. Honestly, I think I gotten some wet eyes while I watched. It was so beautiful to see the diversity and energy from the huge group. A group from every corner of the world – working soooo good together. Diversity is KEY of successful programmes.

In my life I been surrounded by diversity – and this diversity around me I get energy from, I get excited of it – and it only makes me want more of it – It is my addiction – However, I perceive it as a gooooood addiction.

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