Photo taken by Camilla Rodø

Photo taken by Camilla Rodø

I love football, but I think the Nepalis love football even more. Because everywhere I walk in Dharan, I can see people wearing clothes and accessorize marked with a football logo. T-skirts, pants, shorts, bags, cell-phone covers, caps, Tuk-tuk (Tempo/Safaris) and cars all with one thing in common - THE FOOTBALL LOGO. Logos are of teams like, Liverpool, Arsenal, Barchelona, Chelsea, Manchester United (sorry if I forgot to mention your team). Even our apartment have a huge logo of "The Gunners" (Arsenal's logo). Which is quite ironically, since my older brother is a HUGE Arsenal fan.

Photos taken by Camilla Rodø

Photos taken by Camilla Rodø

I played football from the age of six years until 21. This year, it's been eight years since the last time I played football. Why so long ago, you may wonder? Especially regarding my love for this sport. The reasons why is because, for nine years ago I gotten a injury in my knee. After the recovery of my injury, I have played all other sports, besides football. 

Therefore, Thanuya and I got super excited, when we were asked to join Futsal. I felt it was about time to face my fear of becoming injured again.  So, after eight years, FINALLY, I felt ready play again. It was soooo fun, I got sooo much energic - and I really missed playing. 

Imagine, after eight years, I am finally playing the sport that I love. I had so much energy, maybe a bit too much energy, because I gave every kick 100 %. So, what do you think happens? I get injured again, hahah! My hamstring got strained... Hopefully it will not take another eight years until I play again. 

Instead of playing football, I will use this recovering time to work-out at the gym instead :---) Maybe practice my hang-ups. I want you to give me a challenge. So how many pull-ups do you think I will manage to do within four months? If you leave a comment and suggest a number, I am ready to achieve it.


Next weekend Thanuya and I will be going on the 38th Junior and Youth Circle National Seminar (conference) held in Kailali. We are super excited! We even have our own part about Youths and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Again, thanks a lot that you visit this blog. We appreciate any feedbacks. Until then, take care, laugh a lot, and enjoy life!

Love and peace,