Two weeks ago, from 22-26st of Feb, me and Camilla, were invited to attend a annual Youth Conference in Nepal. When we asked where this Conference was going to be held, the answer we got was " very very west". So, we packed our bags and went "very very west" - to a  district called Kaliali. Two local flights and 3 hours drive away, we were finally among 200 partcipants from all over Nepal.

The annual Conferance is something that the Nepal Red Cross has every year. The Youths all over Nepal gather together, share inspiration, ideas and not at least knowledge. One can compare it what the Norwegian Red Cross Youth call "SUK" (Sentral Ungdomskonferanse), which is held every October in Norway.

Me and Camilla had the pleasure to get to know a lot of different kind of youths, attend in a rally, to learn from a First Aid stimulation practice, admire some nepali dance and to meet different kind of staff members from ICRC and IFRC in Nepal. We were also asked to facilitate a parallel workshop to the participants. When we came to the conferance, we were very lucky to have our own translater and facilitator with us, named Kunal Mishra. Kunal has been a volunteer for the Red Cross Youth in Kathmandu for the last 5 years, so we felt very lucky to conduct the workshop with him. Our topic for the workshop was Sustainable Development goals and Youths,  where we had the pleasure to talk about this for almost 4 hours (and yes, without breaks). The youths worked together in groups and came up with their own suggestions on how they can work to reach SDGs. We were very proud to see the different suggestions and how active they were. Under you will see some photos from the Youth conferance (click on the photo to the right see more) 

Overall we learned a lot about the Red Cross youths in Nepal and how we can all inspire eachother to do more, reach further and learn more. Lets raise the voice of the youths together! 

Hope you are having a nice day, 

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Hugs Thanuya,