Enjoy your youth. You will never be younger than you are in this very moment.
— Chad Sugg

Being a Youth in Nepal vs being a Youth in Norway is completely different. You face different kind of challenges-  though with some similarities. Living in Nepal and working with youths has made me reflect on how I was as a youth myself and things I wish I knew as a youth. I have therefore written down a few words in general to all the youths.  As a general rule, you should try to meet life, challenges and all the people you meet on your way with a smile and I can guarantee that you will grow up in a timely manner.

Dear youth, it is scary to get out of the comfort zone, but do it anyway. That is when the big changes happens in life. Are you unsure whether you can hold a presentation at school or bike 70km, do it! You will learn so much from it. Even the process to get out of the comfort zone will make you feel strange, but fantastic. And what's the worst thing that can happen? Train your mind to think that this is something you MUST do - no matter what. And remember, we have all been there. And what if it doesn’t work out the way you thought?  Life has a strange tendency to settle anyway. Remember that we all make mistakes, although one tends to forget sometimes. You know who you are and what you stand for. You can do absolutely anything if just your will is there. I will try to give you an example. When I studied at high school I used to hate language classes – but by pushing myself out of the comfort zone – I have now accomplished to live and learn languages in 4 different countries.
Dear youth, rules are for breaking. Or wait, it might just be a saying in Norway, but (hopefully) is not that much used in practice. Either way, your parents will set ground rules, but it will be for your own good. Believe me, you will thank them in the future. For example, if your parents set a curfew time and even if you are the one who has to go home early from girls or boys nights, that's fine. Your parents only have your best interest in heart and there is a reason why the rules are there. When I was a child my parents used to force me up in the morning, but it just made me realise it was just to train me up, so I can get out of my bed and face challenges later in life. 

Finally, remember that there will never be problems - just challenges along the way and there will always be a solution. It is your job to think smart and find the solution. Your life should be the first thing you prioritize when you get up every day. As for me I am very luckly to still hold on to my youth by working with the youths here in Nepal. If you have a eager to follow our journey with the youths, I encourge you to add  me and Camilla on Facebook :) 

Love from the youth who are now (unfortunately) on her way into adulthood, 

- Thanuya

Photos taken by: Thanuya Sivanantharajah

Photos taken by: Thanuya Sivanantharajah