To do more, do better - and reach further

Namaste, Welcome and Velkommen, 

Firstly, we are humbled and thankful that you want to follow us on this blog, on our journey for the next nine months in Sunsari District, Nepal. As part of the Youth Delegate Exchange Programme ( YDEP ) our drive is to contribute with inspiring, motivating and facilitating youths doing more, doing better and reaching further in their local communities through strengthening humanitarian activities.  So, who are we? 

Listen – Learn – Laugh 
Photo by: Sverre Ø. Eikill

Photo by: Sverre Ø. Eikill

I, Camilla, is about to start my dream of working as a Youth Delegate for the Red Cross in Nepal. This is my first time to visit Nepal. Thus, I’m curious and excited to live and work in a country very different from the culture I am used to, together with Thanuya. 

During this adventure, I’m eager to learn more about humanitarian youth activities; a new language; exchange culture; learn to cook Nepali food; and to enjoy the stunning nature of Nepal. In order to experience this, I will listen to those I meet along the way, learn from youths, co-workers and different stakeholders, and contribute with a good sense of humour and a big smile.

I have over five years of volunteer experience from the rescue corps, information work related to humanitarian values, principles and international humanitarian law. Moreover, I’m a political scientist with international experience from Southern Africa.


Exchange for Development and Sustainability
Photo by: Prakriti Bista

Photo by: Prakriti Bista

I, Thanuya, have always had a desire to get to know new people and cultures. This can be related to that I grew up in a home with parents from South-Asia. My ability to being open-minded is a aspect I really hope to bring with me as a Youth Delegate. The value of forming new friendship is something I appreciate a lot. I therefore hope to find people who makes me laugh a little bit louder, smile a little bigger and live a just a little bit different throughout my misson in Nepal. 

For the last six years I have had the pleasure to work with and for youngsters, both as an employee and a volunteer. Working with youths has been both challenging and fun. Challenging because there is no right answer to reach a goal. Fun because I have had the pleasure to learn from them myself. These experiences is something I look forward to build on in Nepal. I also bring with me an law degree from the University of Oslo and international experience from France, Australia and Colombia.

After visiting our blog, we hope that you become entertained, curious and inspired. Thus, we appreciate constructive feedback concerning what you would like to read and see more about on our blog. Furthermore, you can also follow our Facebook profiles (Camilla Ungdomsdelegat og Tash Ungdomsdelegat).

Danyabaad, Thank you, Tusen takk from Thanuya & Camilla,