In 2015 I got the chance to meet Durga Bahing, who was a Youth Delegate from Nepal, Dharan to Norway, Telemark. Now, 3 years later, we have gotten the chance to get to know her even better here in Nepal. Since we get a lot of questions on how it is to be a Youth Delegate, I used the chance to  interview Durga on her experience in Norway.  

What made you apply to become a Youth Delegate? 

There are several reasons. One of the reason was the personal growth in myself during few years of volunteering experience in Red Cross. I was also more motivated and eliglible to apply as a volunteer, because I had worked with the Youth Delegates, Eline and Jonas, in Nepal the year before. 

How was it to be Youth Delegate in Norway?

I would define my experience of being a youth delegate as a journey of caterpillar into a butterfly. As a Youth Delegate we were nurtured, trained and given goals to achive. And we were never tired to keep doing more, trying every possibility and taking every challenge that made us grow personally and professionally. Apart from that, as interesting as a new culture, there were always great little things to do, learn or get to see almost every day when you are in a country so different from your own in every aspect.

Was your mission different than you had expected? If so, why?

It was defintely different than I had expected. The starting days were like standing out of comfort zone all the time, but in a good and constructive way. Of course it took sometime to get used to the place, the lifestyle, the language and the situations. Despite this, all in all, the end of mission was a great reflection of how things got better with time and patience. 

What was your biggest challenge when you lived in Norway?

I realized the biggest challenge would be me myself in ways like, how I choose to handle stressful situations, and who I choose to seek help from. 

What is your best memory from Norway?

I would just say three words; Christmas, skiing and the warmest company of the people.

I hope you enjoyed to get a little insight in how it was to be a Youth Delegate from Norway in Nepal. If you have any further questions or would like to be updated on our work, please follow the international blogs.  You can also stop by your District Chapter for questions - and if you are a Red Cross volunteer in Norway, please read about the application process here.

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