The Contrasts - cows, city, work and festivals.

We live in a country where cows are sacred. A common view is to see cows stride around the streets or relax in peoples backyard. For instance, we have two cows in our backyard. Sometimes, I like to compare how cows are treated in Nepal, to the treatment dogs gets in Norway. One of the biggest difference is that dogs in Nepal is to some extent treated as rats in Norway.

Another comparison I would like to draw is between the cities. Kathmandu - a hectic, big, and polluted city versus Dharan - a tropical, luxuriant and very green city. The scenery of Eastern Terai, Nepal, is breathtaking – a beauty I really look forward to explore and share with you further on. 

Almost two weeks have gone by since we arrived in Nepal. And to be quite honest – not so much has happened. This is related to the fact that we arrived in Nepal one week before the festivals and holidays started. Thanuya and I both like things to happens – and because things are going a bit slower here in Nepal due to the holiday – we need to be creative and make the best of our time. Thus, we have reorganized our apartment and office, got to know our neighbourhood and the Red Cross District/Sub Chapter Office ( Sunsari District Chapter ). Others things have been to find out which coffee shop we can buy good coffee, hiking, making food together, made plans of what to do the following weeks and not at least catching cockroaches in our flat. Basically, gotten to know eachother better. Moreover, because we are the only foreigners in Dharan (at least what we are aware of) – we have received so many curious looks. Therefore, an important goal of ours have been to say hi to the locals and show our faces by strolling down the streets in Dharan.

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- Camilla