An Amazing Cultural Exchange Evening in Dharan

Cultural exchange is an exchange between people with the aim of promoting mutal understanding
Photo by Camilla Rodø

Photo by Camilla Rodø

Together with a group of youths from the Central Campus of Technology in Dharan, we arranged a cultural exchange evening for the youths in Dharan, Youth Red Cross volunteers, and Red Cross staff members. Additionally, we invited our International Coordinator from Norway, Juma, and our National Contact Person from the Red Cross Headquarter in Kathmandu, Bal Krishna Sir. 

The result was beyond our expectations! We are so amazed by the effort the youths in Dharan put into creating the best Cultural Evening we have ever participated in. I had a constant "WOW"- feeling throughout the event!

I especially want to mention that Thanuya and I only helped with suggesting a date to hold the event, and assisted with creating a structure of the programme. Everything else, the Cultural Evening Committee (Tripura, Nistha, Asmina, Khemraj, Ashaya, Anita, Sanjana and Keyrun) was in charge of. Some of the preparation tasks and roles that the youths had were for instance, to professionally host the programme of 3-4 hours in an impressive way, beautiful decoration of the venue, choreographing of dance performances, facilitate Nepali and Norwegian games, playing national anthems, having instrumental entertainment, great singing performances, light and music technicians, and preparation of delicious food. Tasks and roles not mentioned is not forgotten. 

We want to thank each and everyone for the effort you put into the evening, that you participated, and created a unforgettable evening! I am humbled and proud that I was a part of this joyful event! 

The video clip below is a true cultural exchange between Nepal (Keyrun Tiwari and Camilla Ungdomsdelegat). Or even a beginning of a Bollywood carrier (or maybe not... ;-) )?

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Namaste, Camilla!