When we first got to Nepal and meet the Red Cross youth volunteers in the district, we were very curious and had a lot of questions to ask the Youths. One of the questions we asked was: "How often do you have Red Cross activities in your circle"?. "Not that often", the youths would replay - followed by an explanation that the district or the youths dident have the money to hold the activites. But, money shouldent be an obstacle, we thought. One should rather find other methods to work on instead.

So, after some brainstorming with the Red Cross Youths and the Youth Team we created an idea to establish a Fundraising Team here in Dharan. The Fundraising Team would mainly work with establishing income generating activites (IGA) in their own Juniour or Youth Circle, but also help other circles in the district to establish IGA-activites/fundraising activites. The Fundraising Team was established 10th of March and is now a team of 6 members with different experience, gender, campuses ang age. They will work on the same ground as the Youth Team here in Dharan. 

On 7th of April the Fundraising Team had their first IGA-activity. The Teamleader of the Fundrasing Team, Asmina Limbu, and the Fundraising Team member Roshan came up with the idea to measure peoples BMI (Body mass index) and blood preasure, to sell waffles and tea on a stand here in the city center to collect an income. And with some planning in advance, our first IGA activity happend to be on the International Worlds Health day. 

Within 2hours the Fundraising Team, together with some others Red Cross Volunteers, managed to collect 1150nrs. Amazing, right? I am at least very impressed on how the Fundraising Team are working these days and how creative they are on establising IGA-activites. The money the Fundraising team collects will of course be put into a bank account and will be used within the Fundraising Team - but also if others Red Cross Circles need funding to do their activities. 

Anyways, do you need some ideas to get started? Well, then you can either contact our Fundraising Team on facebook or follow this blog. 

Stay tuned!