Do you agree with the expression "the key to a happy marriage is good communication"? Personally, I think that good communication is essential not only when creating a happy marriage. I also mean that good communication is crucial in different forms of relationship, e.g. between partners, family members, sport teams, co-workers, and organizations etc. Even though good communication is a key tool - my perception is that many (included myself) feels that good communication can be challenging to achieve. 

Being the worlds biggest humanitarian movement, there's no surprise that also the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement has challenges with communication. But don't fear, because good communication is something that can be learned. This is an objective Thanuya and I continuously are working towards. 

On the 10th of February a joint event in Nepal between three district chapters, Morang, Jhapa and Sunsari, was implemented. The purpose of the meeting was to improve and strengthen the cooperation and communication between different Red Cross youth volunteers across different districts in Eastern Nepal. This was done by exchanging and sharing activities, ideas, and experiences.

To illustrate the challenge with communication we did the activity "whisper-game". In the whisper-game, the facilitator whispered one word/sentence to a person, and that person had to pass the word/sentence to the person next to him/her. This continued until everyone had whispered the word. The last person who heard the word/sentence said it out load. Then you will find out if the word had changed during the circle or not.  Thereafter, we asked the participants "why do you think we did this game"? One of the youths explained it perfectly: "The point of the game is to understand that communication is important, but also challenging". After the whisper-game we made the youth volunteers sit in groups and discuss how to improve and strengthen communication between different Red Cross Youth Circles, Subchapters, and Districts Chapter in Nepal. 

This leads me back to the point that "good communication is something that can be learned". From groups discussions on Saturday the 10th of Feburary, we got several recommendations from the youths, on how to improve communication. So now the next step is to MAKE ACTION OUT OF THE RECOMMENDATION. Or as one of the Red Cross Youth slogan' says: "From LIKE to ACTION". If we dont make action out of our plans, we may risk that the situation unfortunately will remain unchanged. 

joint event.jpg

After the meeting one of the participant said it so nicely: "Today was an example on the RC/RC Movement Principle of unity - we are all working towards the same goal - to help our country". With that, I would like to end this blog post by giving a big thanks to every participant at the joint event. We are very eager to follow-up on the different plans of strengthening cooperation and communication between Red Cross youth volunteers in the three district chapters.

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