Happy New Year 2075


2075 is about to unfold
with new opportunities to explore
more youth and more voice in the world
Red cross is welcoming all in its door

2075 is about to blast
with strength to share that we have
more to do and experience to share
makes us a Red cross active volunteer

2075 is the youth year
knowledge, skill and attitude to share
this is the red cross to help other
even if they don´t know me there

Youths for Humanity
Humanity to promote and maintain peace
this is what we serve being volunteer
and at last
i want to wish all of you
Happy new year

Written by Youth Team member, Kiran Tiwari (Keyrun Tiwari‎). 

Happy New Year!
Yes, you read right - today it is Nepali New Years, and today we are welcoming a new year with our dreams, hopes and wishes. 

Nepali New Year is an official public holiday in Nepal celebrated with parades, feasts, and family reunions. Nepali New Year is seen as a deeply religious holiday, thus various religious rites and a hope for blessings in the year ahead are a big part of the holiday's meaning. In the Hindu Temples across Nepal, many gather for morning prayer sessions and to workshop and offer food offerings to the gods. Because it exists more than 60 ethnic groups in Nepal, it is actually nine different New Years' Days in Nepal. However, today, the "national New Year" is celebrated. In international calendar we are in year 2018. However in Nepali calendar it is year 2075, which began in A.D 879, and the dates of this era are found on old Nepali coins, stone, and copper inscriptions, and official writings (Read more about the Nepali New Year on: https://publicholidays.asia/nepal/nepali-new-year/). 

2074 have been fruitful and rich with good memories, and I am sure 2075 will be as good - or maybe it even will become better! Make your dreams come true, and smile to the world<3


All the best for you, your friends, and family - take care and stay healthy<3

- Camilla