Kick Start To 2016

Firstly, it is so nice to come back to work after short vacation and start implementing plans with our youth volunteers. 

In short, we have been focusing on the existing local group with some challenges to an active and sustainable group with stronger organisational and managerial base.

As a start of this year, we organized a Red Cross youth gathering in Skien. Now, we have many new youth volunteers here. So, it was important to bring all youths together along with the leaders and make them feel the ownership of activity plans. Meanwhile, they also got introduced to Red Cross international works and origin. We did little brain storming on how as youth, we together can contribute to meet the humanitarian needs in our society.  There they worked in groups and had presentations on the target group they want to reach through their activities. It was inspiring for us too to see how creative and open mind being critical can make us. They kept the environment warm with there inputs on activities for young single refugees coming to Norway, loneliness in young people, disabled youths and elderly people. So, this gathering also helped realize how fruitful we can together be.

Also we talked little about the new campaign of Red Cross Youth "Refugee compass" and some of them are really excited to know more and lead the campaign here.  

Observation, trial and learning are like never ending phases in our cycle :) :)

Takk / Thank you/ Dhannewad for reading our blog until the end :)

Youth Delegates from Nepal