Our Multicultural Experience

 The unanticipated experience of being exposed to people from different parts of the world, while living in the south eastern part of Norway.

In the start of our mission as youth delegate in Norwegian Red Cross, we were barely aware of getting to meet and know people from such a diverse nationalities. This of course has much to do with our enchanced understanding of the world and global humanitarian needs.  An opportunity to peep this unique side of the world.

Still with us in our memory.

 Days in Bølkesjø, Notodden emergency refugee reception center. Where we met many people fleeing from difficult living situation in their home countries. There we, as Red Cross got to know and be there for them. Though what we saw and learn from them about life is precious.

We also have a fantastic women group activity in Red Cross where we meet and get to know young and adult females from different cultural backgrounds. 

Then in the last period, our language school, where we have our group of at least 6 nationalities. We have been learning language which slowly developed a bridge of understanding in our group dynamic and across our cultures . We also have some social events together like Easter fest before the start of ester vacation and tour in the woods. 

Our wonder experience with "holiday for all".

 The activity is reaching economically challenged families, together with families from varies cultural background. Well, our participation in this activity has given us a mixed package of knowing sheds of norwegian culture and people living here. 


Youth Delegates from Nepal :) :)