Youths for Youths

We did a workshop on Basic Red Cross Movement focusing the new young people who want to start Red Cross. So often we get common responses from people who want to start Red Cross as -

"I want to help unprivileged groups. What can I do for  people in difficult life situation?"

"How can I contribute to make a difference in my community and makes it better place to live for everyone? "

"I want to work for Red Cross because I want to give back something to the society.."

 Even though our world is  big and diversified, this illustrate that we all have very common concern and that is the wish to help, the want to Humanity, and the human instinct has given Red Cross a common working platform throughout the world.

:D We also got invitation for the Halloween event in one of the local group, the Notodden Red Cross youth. It was overwhelming because this was our first Halloween experience :), at the same time it was more inspiring to see how good they are in creation and endeavoring the social arena for the young people who might not have lot of social activity to be part of. They started with a club every week and it seems they have been very good in emphasizing their local needs among youth. 

We have been participating in most of the Red Cross activities in National and District level with focus on youths in Red Cross. It has been very interesting to see activities here being done in very different approach than we do in Nepal. 

We participated in the National Youth Conference where we were so impressed by the Democracy being practiced in Norwegian Red Cross Youth. It was good learning for us to see how creative and well-organized way the cases were discussed and in a very inclusive way. The cases include the past year, plan for coming year, new campaign, challenges, areas of youths activities, etc. It was so cool that the floor was always open for every views, ideas and comments. This is how every year they have an active national youth board, elected by representatives from each district and a new campaign by and for youths.

We feel very lucky to be able to share our thoughts and information through our blog every week. :) :) 

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