Cabin Trip with Red Cross Youth

Last Autumn, we had to cancel youths course weekend due to some challenges. So, for sometime we were planning with local youth group here in Skien to have something like a motivational course weekend. We felt it was important for majority of new and enthusiastic youth volunteers to have better insight on activity and the target group they want to reach. So, seeing many youths interested in activity for the young people fleeing to Norway alone without family and also some stigma relating to the current migration situation. Hence, we arranged the migration course and we had two very fine course holders from the Head quarter in Norwegian Red Cross Youth. The course contents were about giving the participants closer view of refugees situation in the world and how as a part of Red Cross they have much possibilities to do activity in their locality towards integration. Also letting to talk about some stigmas, that we unknowingly hold within us in our day to day life. All in all it was also fun along with learning talking about the course.

And we were fortunate to be able to have it in a Skien Red Cross cabin in Svanstul last weekend. At the same time, it was very nice social arena because of no internet and telephone network. We together made dinner and played games.


Also, we had a first aid workshop on the second day where youths met some Red Cross search and rescue team, who are doing great job looking after people who gets lost on their way while skiing in that area. Youth had good warm up morning also with first aid simulation, learnings and knowing the people of search and rescue in Skien Red Cross.

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