Unexpected Festive Moment in Norway

We are so lucky that we got invitation in a Nepali family for the celebration of our national festival Dashain. We really had great time with the Nepali families who are living here for  years now. It was so like being home for a moment.

Today was the 10th day of biggest festival Dashain as per our Nepali Calendar, which is celebrated for 15 days. On this day the planted Jamara (Barley) on very first day of Dashain, is taken out from the prayer room and then we receive tika (red mark on the fore head), Jamara and blessings from elders and relatives. There is also culture of giving Dakshina (money gift) to young ones. The series of receiving tika goes for next 5 days. This is always an auspicious occasion for the reunion of distant and nearby relatives in almost every family.

This festival symbolizes the victory of good over the evils. Goddess Durga, goddess of power and injustice, and her different incarnations are worshipped throughout this festival. Hence, we can see very long queue of peoples visiting the temples of goddess early in the mornings.

Dashain festival falls around the month of October and November. The weather during Dashain is super fine (Neither so hot nor so cold). People get involved in different kinds of fun activities with the starting of the festival. It includes playing cards, playing swing, flying kites, etc. Shopping is another exciting aspect of Dashain. Also special meat cuisines and other food items are prepared in every household. So, we think the festival is all about celebration,reunion, tradition, respect, fun and preservation of culture.

We could not stop ourselves share this experience

and talk about what it is like back home at this moment.

Thank you for reading our blog!

Nepali Youth Delegates :) :)