Challenging the Single Story

This week, we got opportunity to attend the Radiator Conference of SAIH (Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund) in Oslo. We joined the conference as representatives from YDEP (Youth Delegate Exchange Programme), and were part of the stand together with Fredskorpset Norway.  

FK Norway youth camp for exchanged participants around the world, August 2015

FK Norway youth camp for exchanged participants around the world, August 2015

FK Norway is the governmental agency financing mutual personnel exchange. As we, and YDEP, are FK exchange participants, we feel that we are putting a brick in building constructive impact in the local level and that our horizon of knowledge is getting wider in the perspectives of how we see the world and what we have in common, contributing to a feeling of Us, crossing the barrier of distinct feelings of being different. We love to share our feeling of satisfaction about this, seeing how our work is about treating everyone equal and never being judgmental in reaching the vulnerable.

We feel our local initiatives to humanitarian needs wherever we are is a part of meeting humanitarian needs globally. There is a need to build constructive relationships across cultures, borders and disciplines that we share a common place to live. This would of course help create more equitable relationships for the common good that Fredskorpset exchange is far sighted for.

About The Radiator Conference: Challenging the single story, organized by the solidarity organization of students and academics in Norway, SAIH, has been an event that fostered critical understanding of stereotypes behind aid communications or general media, and promoting deeper understanding of poverty and development. The panel debates in the conference kept the audience keen and involved by moving around the topics so warm everywhere in the social media like refugee crisis, terrorist attacks, etc. The topics up for discussion also touched upon how the stories told by aid organizations and the media have enormous effect on our understanding of the outside world.

So this was about our appreciation to all our experiences being here. 

Thank you for reading our blog. :) :) 

Youths delegates from Nepal (Ash Maya and Durga) 

Norwegian Red Cross Youth