This Chirstmas

Every houses brightened with lights and open for all age people singing and dancing door to door. The music, the smell of food, flowers and sound of fire crackers, we get used to, lasting for almost a week. This Christmas made us miss our festival of lights, Tihar and Chhath which in the coming years might be just opposite.

This Christmas was full of opportunities to meet people, be part of gathering and warm invitations for Christmas Food and exchange of gifts :). Though we personally do not celebrate Christmas back home, we were not less excited. The Christmas atmosphere around was very influencing, the lights and decorations in the streets and in the windows of houses, Christmas foods and drinks in the stores. In our office, we had a basket of gifts numbered 1 to 24 for Christmas calendar. Everyday from first of December a name was randomly chosen for the gift as per the date. Purple color has something to do with the celebration, 4 purple candles each lighted every Sunday from the start of December and also the special purple tableware until main Christmas Day, if we are not mistaken.

Not forgetting to mention our first exciting snow experience, the winter Holiday for All activity. We joined the participant families in dog sledding and snow board sliding in Hovden. On the other side of our experience with Red Cross volunteers in this activity has been phenomenal. Their voluntary work has very positive impact on the families who are in need of something like this. In a conversation the leader of our volunteer group with a little boy who said, " I want to be a ninja when I grow up and work in Red Cross". We were so glad to see how the participants children were also followed later. We helped packing many gifts that were being mailed in the name and address of those children.

At this very edge of 2015, we would also like to share our warm wishes of Happy New Year 2016 to all.

Youth delegates from Nepal

Durga and Ash Maya