A New Journey As Youth Delegate

              “With a new hope, more enthusiasm and willingness to do more, do better and reach further, two youth volunteers from Nepal Red Cross have landed in the amazing Land Of Midnight Sun“

                              Ash Maya Rana(left) and Durga Rai(right)

                              Ash Maya Rana(left) and Durga Rai(right)

We are the two youth delegates for 2015-16 from Nepal to Norway and we will be staying in Skien, Telemark District for 9 months.

I am Ash Maya Rana, 25 years old. I am student of Business Studies at Bachelor level. I have been working as a volunteer of Nepal Red Cross for 12 years since my school days. Working and taking part in the activities of Red Cross has always been a passion for me that inspires me to learn and do more.

I am Durga Rai. I am 22 years old. I am doing my bachelor in Food Technology. I have been an active volunteer in Nepal Red Cross for three and half years. My motivation to be in this exchange program is my working and very good learning experience with the delegates from Norway last year.


                                                                   Youth Delegates from around the world

                                                                   Youth Delegates from around the world

We are having a wonderful time in a group of youths from different national societies (Nepal, Columbia, Lesotho and Norway). This has been great learning experience from each other.

We strongly feel that we are getting prepared for our mission, both in the context of new culture and working environment. And we are looking forward to learn from and work closely with the youths, using our experience in Red Cross, in our host district.

We will be updating our exciting experiences in days to come through our blog post. We really appreciate your feedback, suggestions and comments.

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Tusen Takk


Ash Maya and Durga