Up in the mountains

Closer to the start of Easter week we spent our two days with Guarv Hjelpekorps (Search and Rescue) team in Norwegian Red Cross. It was their cabin near a ski-center in the mountains. 

We realizing how different the needs can be from one geographical part to another. For instance, in our context in Nepal first- aid in Red Cross is more inclined to disaster preparedness and response, well here it's more to getting help for the people going out in the nature or in the day to day life as an important knowledge to have.

Was lot of interesting thing to do in two days. We climbed the mountains in the snowmobile with the team. Been part of their sterling work. After our dinner, we had to go up in the mountains in search of someone who has been out of reach for hours, but this time it was just a practice drill. We saw how they work in a team and was heavenly feeling that they took it in English this time :). 

At this point, here in Norway lots of people go up in the mountains for Easter vacation and mostly the ski-centers are well crowded, waving the winter and welcoming spring at least in this part of Norway.

When in the mountains, we met many young children with their parents learning newly lunched updated mountain safety codes with the Search and Rescue team. Also how to use transceiver, a safety device that makes the search easier if the lost person do use the device as a safety for the risks in mountains. The fun part was the kids searching for Easter eggs full of sweets as to learn how to use transceiver.

It seemed to be our last snow experience in Norway, where we also did cross-country skiing, across the frozen lakes. We got to know about avalanches and dug into the frozen layers of snow.


Thank you for reading our blog.

Youth delegates from Nepal :) :)

Durga and Ash Maya