How we welcomed our new youth delegates to Norway

We, the current youth delegates welcomed our new youth delegates from Colombia, Madagascar and Nepal to the Norwegian Red Cross Society in the start of this week. From our experience, this week is going to be a little lot of important information and exciting start of cultural exchange for them.

 We also had some informal arrangements for them as a welcome; sight seeing and foods making from Colombia, Lesotho and Nepal and visitors from one of the host district Telemark.

The Youth Basic Training Course, is a mandatory course for the ones in the process of being selected as youth delegates from Norway to other countries. So the days new in coming delegates spent with us was pre-youth basic training course. For us, it was an opportunity to work with other delegates and program coordinators as a team in supporting the new delegates.

Some pictures of learnings with fun.

It was not very long ago we were in the same place, as new and curious faces. Though this period has been a reflection on how far we have gone as a youth delegate pairs.

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Youth Delegates from Nepal

Durga and Ash Maya :) :)