Fight Against Xenophobia and Racism

Was a morning with scanty rainfall in an Island named Fosen near Trondhiem in the mid- Norway. To make it sound little interesting we took all the means of transport to be in the island from Skien - train, flight, bus, ferry and car. There in the cold, wet and windy weather we welcomed 120 participants with some ice-breakers that we practiced a night before.

Then the game was on. The homeless villagers looking for a secure place to live, fleeing from the brutal military and uncertainties everywhere they go. Within the 24 hours game many mysteries were uncovered one after another as they were fleeing from own country with their family in the hope of secure place to live.

  It was a huge team experience to have and event to know many people. This is a migration related activity run by Norwegian Red Cross Youth, reaching hundreds of young people every year with an insight of increasing understanding of refugee situation as a key to combat xenophobia and racism. 

After a while in the game got little moved to see few participants reacting to the situation of physical and mental stress but better to see them challenging themselves for that humanitarian experience lasting for their whole life. 

Also I heard some of the participants in a role family in the midnight escape replying to the curious minds on the way, "we are non-religious and we are taking humanitarian experience". For us it was so fascinating to know about this tradition that this event is a part of the confirmation ceremony for many young people here in Norway when they turn 14 years or into youth.

Another great side, they were aware of what difficult situations they were in for the last 24 hours was a part of real life experience of people fleeing out in the world of uncertainty and unpredictable risks through camps of no hope.  

All in all, with our personal experience we believe this role play as a very good approach of blooming the humanitarian values among young people. 

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Youth delegates from Nepal

Durga and Ash Maya

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