Our Experience Facilitating a Leadership Course

We were more than excited to facilitate our first weekend long course here in Skien, Norway. Well when the date approached, we were little afraid of the number of participants, after spending quite a lot of time on preparing for that. This is little different from our experience back home, where there are more people wanting to participate in the course then we have place for, at least in our experience with youths. Though, like most of the time, the days ended hearing with out any hesitation, 'it was best from us, great job partner!'   

Talking about the course we were specific in current need of the youths here in relation to activity leadership. It was lot of group works and reflections on the importance of need analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation in the process of activity management. There was also more on the side of leadership on the second day, we had exercises on  important skills of communication and team building. We also had enough of ice breaker games, energizers and breaks to make the learning as fun as possible. 

The dedication and commitment showed by the participants throughout the period was surprisingly impressive for us.  We also adjusted an introduction to International Red Cross and Red Cross Crescent Movement seeing many of them being new to the organisation.

Facilitating the capacity building of young leaders and supporting them to start or strengthen local activity meeting own community needs, along with good understanding of the organisation has been one of the main goal of our exchange program.


Tusen takk - Dhannewad - Thank you for reading our blogs.

Youth delegates from Nepal :) :)

Durga and Ash Maya