In the Start of This May

 Start of this month was little lot going on here, but then followed by lots of good holidays for now. Update on weather in this part of Norway, the sun is brighter and warmer and most people are outside enjoying it. 

The pictures are from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day celebration we had here. We were with Porsgrunn Red Cross where youths had made an arrangement focusing on promoting refugee friendly environment. It was music, dancing, things from different cultures like food from many countries, face paints and heena art, games and activities for children and stands where people were getting to know their new neighbors also about Red Cross, since we had different stands. For us, it was almost like a festival with so many people.

Same celebration on 8th of May back in Nepal was started in a formal setting as almost all events do. All the honored guests being seated in the front stage followed by putting on ceremonial light by chief guest and flower to Henry Dunant, the founder of Red Cross. Then comes some speeches followed by diverse activities throughout the country like mass awareness on traffic rules, blood donation programs, first aid simulations and  dissemination of importance of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Red Cross work in past years.

Furthermore in the same week we were so overwhelmed with youths, who organised a trip to 'Dyreparken- The animal park', two hours south-east from where we live. It was part of activity youths in Skien are doing supporting young people from different cultural background to come together, also inviting unaccompanied young minors.

Now, that it is our time to leave very soon but we are glad to see how our youths are blooming in the last period. 


Youth delegates from Nepal 

Durga and Ash Maya :) :)