In the Start of This May

 Start of this month was little lot going on here, but then followed by lots of good holidays for now. Update on weather in this part of Norway, the sun is brighter and warmer and most people are outside enjoying it. 

The pictures are from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day celebration we had here. We were with Porsgrunn Red Cross where youths had made an arrangement focusing on promoting refugee friendly environment. It was music, dancing, things from different cultures like food from many countries, face paints and heena art, games and activities for children and stands where people were getting to know their new neighbors also about Red Cross, since we had different stands. For us, it was almost like a festival with so many people.

Same celebration on 8th of May back in Nepal was started in a formal setting as almost all events do. All the honored guests being seated in the front stage followed by putting on ceremonial light by chief guest and flower to Henry Dunant, the founder of Red Cross. Then comes some speeches followed by diverse activities throughout the country like mass awareness on traffic rules, blood donation programs, first aid simulations and  dissemination of importance of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Red Cross work in past years.

Furthermore in the same week we were so overwhelmed with youths, who organised a trip to 'Dyreparken- The animal park', two hours south-east from where we live. It was part of activity youths in Skien are doing supporting young people from different cultural background to come together, also inviting unaccompanied young minors.

Now, that it is our time to leave very soon but we are glad to see how our youths are blooming in the last period. 


Youth delegates from Nepal 

Durga and Ash Maya :) :)

Our Experience Facilitating a Leadership Course

We were more than excited to facilitate our first weekend long course here in Skien, Norway. Well when the date approached, we were little afraid of the number of participants, after spending quite a lot of time on preparing for that. This is little different from our experience back home, where there are more people wanting to participate in the course then we have place for, at least in our experience with youths. Though, like most of the time, the days ended hearing with out any hesitation, 'it was best from us, great job partner!'   

Talking about the course we were specific in current need of the youths here in relation to activity leadership. It was lot of group works and reflections on the importance of need analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation in the process of activity management. There was also more on the side of leadership on the second day, we had exercises on  important skills of communication and team building. We also had enough of ice breaker games, energizers and breaks to make the learning as fun as possible. 

The dedication and commitment showed by the participants throughout the period was surprisingly impressive for us.  We also adjusted an introduction to International Red Cross and Red Cross Crescent Movement seeing many of them being new to the organisation.

Facilitating the capacity building of young leaders and supporting them to start or strengthen local activity meeting own community needs, along with good understanding of the organisation has been one of the main goal of our exchange program.


Tusen takk - Dhannewad - Thank you for reading our blogs.

Youth delegates from Nepal :) :)

Durga and Ash Maya


Just Be a buddy (Vær litt Kompis)

Lets think about how better we feel when we get warm welcome from people in a new work place, new school, new culture or new neighborhood. And think about situation that you have been fleeing from place to place with unlimited uncertainty and risk for life in your home country and outside. And then, you get to a place where you see a chance of getting your normal life back and you are so eager to thrive in this new environment though everything is new and different. 

Piano kompis ( Piano buddies)                                                                                                                            Pictures byKatrina

Piano kompis ( Piano buddies)                                                                                                                            Pictures byKatrina

This year the Norwegian Red Cross Youth has developed a vision for more inclusive Norway through the campaign called 'Be a Little Buddy'. Also keeping in account a big number of young people who have moved to Norway alone. The campaign is about ensuring that people have a friendly attitude towards refugees but the goal is to achieve an inclusive society for all.

Everyone has immense possiblity to be a little buddy, greet, invite new neighbors for a cup of coffee, or the new classmate with the football.

Some glimps of what we are doing in Skien Red Cross Youth, 

Concert buddies
Bowling and football buddies

Also we feel this campaign would be as a pulling string for higher concerns regarding the international refugee situation. The hidden fact that this situation being a harsh history for tomorrow, with the weight of not less than the second world war human crisis.  


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Durga and Ash Maya
Youth delegates from Nepal





How we welcomed our new youth delegates to Norway

We, the current youth delegates welcomed our new youth delegates from Colombia, Madagascar and Nepal to the Norwegian Red Cross Society in the start of this week. From our experience, this week is going to be a little lot of important information and exciting start of cultural exchange for them.

 We also had some informal arrangements for them as a welcome; sight seeing and foods making from Colombia, Lesotho and Nepal and visitors from one of the host district Telemark.

The Youth Basic Training Course, is a mandatory course for the ones in the process of being selected as youth delegates from Norway to other countries. So the days new in coming delegates spent with us was pre-youth basic training course. For us, it was an opportunity to work with other delegates and program coordinators as a team in supporting the new delegates.

Some pictures of learnings with fun.

It was not very long ago we were in the same place, as new and curious faces. Though this period has been a reflection on how far we have gone as a youth delegate pairs.

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Youth Delegates from Nepal

Durga and Ash Maya :) :)

Up in the mountains

Closer to the start of Easter week we spent our two days with Guarv Hjelpekorps (Search and Rescue) team in Norwegian Red Cross. It was their cabin near a ski-center in the mountains. 

We realizing how different the needs can be from one geographical part to another. For instance, in our context in Nepal first- aid in Red Cross is more inclined to disaster preparedness and response, well here it's more to getting help for the people going out in the nature or in the day to day life as an important knowledge to have.

Was lot of interesting thing to do in two days. We climbed the mountains in the snowmobile with the team. Been part of their sterling work. After our dinner, we had to go up in the mountains in search of someone who has been out of reach for hours, but this time it was just a practice drill. We saw how they work in a team and was heavenly feeling that they took it in English this time :). 

At this point, here in Norway lots of people go up in the mountains for Easter vacation and mostly the ski-centers are well crowded, waving the winter and welcoming spring at least in this part of Norway.

When in the mountains, we met many young children with their parents learning newly lunched updated mountain safety codes with the Search and Rescue team. Also how to use transceiver, a safety device that makes the search easier if the lost person do use the device as a safety for the risks in mountains. The fun part was the kids searching for Easter eggs full of sweets as to learn how to use transceiver.

It seemed to be our last snow experience in Norway, where we also did cross-country skiing, across the frozen lakes. We got to know about avalanches and dug into the frozen layers of snow.


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Youth delegates from Nepal :) :)

Durga and Ash Maya

Our Multicultural Experience

 The unanticipated experience of being exposed to people from different parts of the world, while living in the south eastern part of Norway.

In the start of our mission as youth delegate in Norwegian Red Cross, we were barely aware of getting to meet and know people from such a diverse nationalities. This of course has much to do with our enchanced understanding of the world and global humanitarian needs.  An opportunity to peep this unique side of the world.

Still with us in our memory.

 Days in Bølkesjø, Notodden emergency refugee reception center. Where we met many people fleeing from difficult living situation in their home countries. There we, as Red Cross got to know and be there for them. Though what we saw and learn from them about life is precious.

We also have a fantastic women group activity in Red Cross where we meet and get to know young and adult females from different cultural backgrounds. 

Then in the last period, our language school, where we have our group of at least 6 nationalities. We have been learning language which slowly developed a bridge of understanding in our group dynamic and across our cultures . We also have some social events together like Easter fest before the start of ester vacation and tour in the woods. 

Our wonder experience with "holiday for all".

 The activity is reaching economically challenged families, together with families from varies cultural background. Well, our participation in this activity has given us a mixed package of knowing sheds of norwegian culture and people living here. 


Youth Delegates from Nepal :) :)

Cabin Trip with Red Cross Youth

Last Autumn, we had to cancel youths course weekend due to some challenges. So, for sometime we were planning with local youth group here in Skien to have something like a motivational course weekend. We felt it was important for majority of new and enthusiastic youth volunteers to have better insight on activity and the target group they want to reach. So, seeing many youths interested in activity for the young people fleeing to Norway alone without family and also some stigma relating to the current migration situation. Hence, we arranged the migration course and we had two very fine course holders from the Head quarter in Norwegian Red Cross Youth. The course contents were about giving the participants closer view of refugees situation in the world and how as a part of Red Cross they have much possibilities to do activity in their locality towards integration. Also letting to talk about some stigmas, that we unknowingly hold within us in our day to day life. All in all it was also fun along with learning talking about the course.

And we were fortunate to be able to have it in a Skien Red Cross cabin in Svanstul last weekend. At the same time, it was very nice social arena because of no internet and telephone network. We together made dinner and played games.


Also, we had a first aid workshop on the second day where youths met some Red Cross search and rescue team, who are doing great job looking after people who gets lost on their way while skiing in that area. Youth had good warm up morning also with first aid simulation, learnings and knowing the people of search and rescue in Skien Red Cross.

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Fight Against Xenophobia and Racism

Was a morning with scanty rainfall in an Island named Fosen near Trondhiem in the mid- Norway. To make it sound little interesting we took all the means of transport to be in the island from Skien - train, flight, bus, ferry and car. There in the cold, wet and windy weather we welcomed 120 participants with some ice-breakers that we practiced a night before.

Then the game was on. The homeless villagers looking for a secure place to live, fleeing from the brutal military and uncertainties everywhere they go. Within the 24 hours game many mysteries were uncovered one after another as they were fleeing from own country with their family in the hope of secure place to live.

  It was a huge team experience to have and event to know many people. This is a migration related activity run by Norwegian Red Cross Youth, reaching hundreds of young people every year with an insight of increasing understanding of refugee situation as a key to combat xenophobia and racism. 

After a while in the game got little moved to see few participants reacting to the situation of physical and mental stress but better to see them challenging themselves for that humanitarian experience lasting for their whole life. 

Also I heard some of the participants in a role family in the midnight escape replying to the curious minds on the way, "we are non-religious and we are taking humanitarian experience". For us it was so fascinating to know about this tradition that this event is a part of the confirmation ceremony for many young people here in Norway when they turn 14 years or into youth.

Another great side, they were aware of what difficult situations they were in for the last 24 hours was a part of real life experience of people fleeing out in the world of uncertainty and unpredictable risks through camps of no hope.  

All in all, with our personal experience we believe this role play as a very good approach of blooming the humanitarian values among young people. 

For more information visit the link below

Youth delegates from Nepal

Durga and Ash Maya

:) :)

You can be a Youth Delegate

We spent our weekend learning skiing here in our beautiful host district, Telemark, located in southeastern Norway. One of our main goal of deciding to go up in the ski-center was also to participate in the one of local Red Cross Youth's activity.

And find more information in the link here about youth delegate exchange program application process :)

Youth delegates from Nepal

Durga and Ash Maya

Kick Start To 2016

Firstly, it is so nice to come back to work after short vacation and start implementing plans with our youth volunteers. 

In short, we have been focusing on the existing local group with some challenges to an active and sustainable group with stronger organisational and managerial base.

As a start of this year, we organized a Red Cross youth gathering in Skien. Now, we have many new youth volunteers here. So, it was important to bring all youths together along with the leaders and make them feel the ownership of activity plans. Meanwhile, they also got introduced to Red Cross international works and origin. We did little brain storming on how as youth, we together can contribute to meet the humanitarian needs in our society.  There they worked in groups and had presentations on the target group they want to reach through their activities. It was inspiring for us too to see how creative and open mind being critical can make us. They kept the environment warm with there inputs on activities for young single refugees coming to Norway, loneliness in young people, disabled youths and elderly people. So, this gathering also helped realize how fruitful we can together be.

Also we talked little about the new campaign of Red Cross Youth "Refugee compass" and some of them are really excited to know more and lead the campaign here.  

Observation, trial and learning are like never ending phases in our cycle :) :)

Takk / Thank you/ Dhannewad for reading our blog until the end :)

Youth Delegates from Nepal


This Chirstmas

Every houses brightened with lights and open for all age people singing and dancing door to door. The music, the smell of food, flowers and sound of fire crackers, we get used to, lasting for almost a week. This Christmas made us miss our festival of lights, Tihar and Chhath which in the coming years might be just opposite.

This Christmas was full of opportunities to meet people, be part of gathering and warm invitations for Christmas Food and exchange of gifts :). Though we personally do not celebrate Christmas back home, we were not less excited. The Christmas atmosphere around was very influencing, the lights and decorations in the streets and in the windows of houses, Christmas foods and drinks in the stores. In our office, we had a basket of gifts numbered 1 to 24 for Christmas calendar. Everyday from first of December a name was randomly chosen for the gift as per the date. Purple color has something to do with the celebration, 4 purple candles each lighted every Sunday from the start of December and also the special purple tableware until main Christmas Day, if we are not mistaken.

Not forgetting to mention our first exciting snow experience, the winter Holiday for All activity. We joined the participant families in dog sledding and snow board sliding in Hovden. On the other side of our experience with Red Cross volunteers in this activity has been phenomenal. Their voluntary work has very positive impact on the families who are in need of something like this. In a conversation the leader of our volunteer group with a little boy who said, " I want to be a ninja when I grow up and work in Red Cross". We were so glad to see how the participants children were also followed later. We helped packing many gifts that were being mailed in the name and address of those children.

At this very edge of 2015, we would also like to share our warm wishes of Happy New Year 2016 to all.

Youth delegates from Nepal

Durga and Ash Maya




We are Taking the Pace

Skien Red Cross Youth have three main activities running now. Activities with elderly people, disable youths and single minors in Skien. 

An activity with single minors has started this week. We aimed of having an arena of socializing with one another. We went bowling and then eating together as our first activity with the single minors. The goal of the activity is also about making the single minors familiar with how it is like growing up in Norwegian culture and doing further activities focused on that. 

Also youth are running activity in the Respite care home here in Skien every month with the disable young people. The youths visit the place and they together spend time playing board games, talking, listening music and doing things together. The leader of the activity is very passionate about this activity, she started this activity because she is looking forward to work for disable youths in her future life as well. 

The activity at the elderly home is young people visiting elderly home and doing activities like baking, cycling, playing games, reading for them and talking to them, two times a month. 

Here again, for us it has always been much indulging to know new people and gain and exchange our knowledge of many cultures. We have been meeting people around the world here in Norway, which is one of best experience we are taking with us.

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Youth Delegates from Nepal

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We Marked the World HIV/AIDS Day

Karine telling about her 5 years experience living as HIV positive in Norway.

Karine telling about her 5 years experience living as HIV positive in Norway.

Skien Red Cross Youth marked the day by promoting an environment where everyone can openly talk about HIV and related prejudice and discrimination, we unknowingly hold within us. For that we invited Karine through HivNorway, a national organisation for people living with the HIV and others affected or concerned by HIV. She came up with what it is like to live with HIV in Norway. Also she involved people by opening the floor for any kind of queries or questions regarding her life and experience. We felt along with information, it was her courage and positive spirit that we admired.

In the few days ago UNICEF new report, there are numbers saying that three times as many young people die from AIDS as in 2000. AIDS is the most common cause of death for young between 10-19 years old in Africa, and the next biggest cause of death among youths worldwide. So it should be joint concern of all to help ourselves and coming generations see zero HIV infection, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths.

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Youth delegates from Nepal.


how is our normal work life here in Norway?

Be at office at 9:30 and leave at the time suitable for us, we take 3 minutes bus up to our home. Mostly activities and meetings with youths are in the evening so now we are used to with having dinner late at night. :) :)  

In specific, we have been following youth activities and their challenges. And now we are helping local activity leaders in need of volunteer to start activity. For that together with leaders we are helping youths who want to start Red Cross Youth, making them join the activity that they want to. Apart from that we have been focusing on building better coordination between activity leaders in the board and supporting them with planning and volunteer management. 

Anne, the leader of the Skien local youth group and the activity for asylum youths, working in group & planning the activity with new volunteers.  

Anne, the leader of the Skien local youth group and the activity for asylum youths, working in group & planning the activity with new volunteers.  

Last week, we had a stand at Skien high school to tell youths about Skien Red Cross Youth activities. We had Odilia, our national program coordinator, in a follow up visit to our host district office along with us. We also had some good time with her and some youth volunteers at our home and cooking together Nepali momo.


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Youth Delegates from Nepal.


Challenging the Single Story

This week, we got opportunity to attend the Radiator Conference of SAIH (Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund) in Oslo. We joined the conference as representatives from YDEP (Youth Delegate Exchange Programme), and were part of the stand together with Fredskorpset Norway.  

FK Norway youth camp for exchanged participants around the world, August 2015

FK Norway youth camp for exchanged participants around the world, August 2015

FK Norway is the governmental agency financing mutual personnel exchange. As we, and YDEP, are FK exchange participants, we feel that we are putting a brick in building constructive impact in the local level and that our horizon of knowledge is getting wider in the perspectives of how we see the world and what we have in common, contributing to a feeling of Us, crossing the barrier of distinct feelings of being different. We love to share our feeling of satisfaction about this, seeing how our work is about treating everyone equal and never being judgmental in reaching the vulnerable.

We feel our local initiatives to humanitarian needs wherever we are is a part of meeting humanitarian needs globally. There is a need to build constructive relationships across cultures, borders and disciplines that we share a common place to live. This would of course help create more equitable relationships for the common good that Fredskorpset exchange is far sighted for.

About The Radiator Conference: Challenging the single story, organized by the solidarity organization of students and academics in Norway, SAIH, has been an event that fostered critical understanding of stereotypes behind aid communications or general media, and promoting deeper understanding of poverty and development. The panel debates in the conference kept the audience keen and involved by moving around the topics so warm everywhere in the social media like refugee crisis, terrorist attacks, etc. The topics up for discussion also touched upon how the stories told by aid organizations and the media have enormous effect on our understanding of the outside world.

So this was about our appreciation to all our experiences being here. 

Thank you for reading our blog. :) :) 

Youths delegates from Nepal (Ash Maya and Durga) 

Norwegian Red Cross Youth


Youths for Youths

We did a workshop on Basic Red Cross Movement focusing the new young people who want to start Red Cross. So often we get common responses from people who want to start Red Cross as -

"I want to help unprivileged groups. What can I do for  people in difficult life situation?"

"How can I contribute to make a difference in my community and makes it better place to live for everyone? "

"I want to work for Red Cross because I want to give back something to the society.."

 Even though our world is  big and diversified, this illustrate that we all have very common concern and that is the wish to help, the want to Humanity, and the human instinct has given Red Cross a common working platform throughout the world.

:D We also got invitation for the Halloween event in one of the local group, the Notodden Red Cross youth. It was overwhelming because this was our first Halloween experience :), at the same time it was more inspiring to see how good they are in creation and endeavoring the social arena for the young people who might not have lot of social activity to be part of. They started with a club every week and it seems they have been very good in emphasizing their local needs among youth. 

We have been participating in most of the Red Cross activities in National and District level with focus on youths in Red Cross. It has been very interesting to see activities here being done in very different approach than we do in Nepal. 

We participated in the National Youth Conference where we were so impressed by the Democracy being practiced in Norwegian Red Cross Youth. It was good learning for us to see how creative and well-organized way the cases were discussed and in a very inclusive way. The cases include the past year, plan for coming year, new campaign, challenges, areas of youths activities, etc. It was so cool that the floor was always open for every views, ideas and comments. This is how every year they have an active national youth board, elected by representatives from each district and a new campaign by and for youths.

We feel very lucky to be able to share our thoughts and information through our blog every week. :) :) 

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Unexpected Festive Moment in Norway

We are so lucky that we got invitation in a Nepali family for the celebration of our national festival Dashain. We really had great time with the Nepali families who are living here for  years now. It was so like being home for a moment.

Today was the 10th day of biggest festival Dashain as per our Nepali Calendar, which is celebrated for 15 days. On this day the planted Jamara (Barley) on very first day of Dashain, is taken out from the prayer room and then we receive tika (red mark on the fore head), Jamara and blessings from elders and relatives. There is also culture of giving Dakshina (money gift) to young ones. The series of receiving tika goes for next 5 days. This is always an auspicious occasion for the reunion of distant and nearby relatives in almost every family.

This festival symbolizes the victory of good over the evils. Goddess Durga, goddess of power and injustice, and her different incarnations are worshipped throughout this festival. Hence, we can see very long queue of peoples visiting the temples of goddess early in the mornings.

Dashain festival falls around the month of October and November. The weather during Dashain is super fine (Neither so hot nor so cold). People get involved in different kinds of fun activities with the starting of the festival. It includes playing cards, playing swing, flying kites, etc. Shopping is another exciting aspect of Dashain. Also special meat cuisines and other food items are prepared in every household. So, we think the festival is all about celebration,reunion, tradition, respect, fun and preservation of culture.

We could not stop ourselves share this experience

and talk about what it is like back home at this moment.

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Nepali Youth Delegates :) :)



A Real Week as a Start with Youths

All this time we have been trying catching youths and their activities going on here along with different activities going on at the office. This week we organised a meeting with youth leaders, volunteers and been in touch with new volunteers who want to start as a youth in Red Cross. It was really awaited event for us where we mostly discussed on the youth activities, challenges and more feedbacks on what can we do in days to come. It was also important for us in the way that we know how youths do or try doing things.



Youths interested to know more on free-fund (fund that Norwegian Red Cross Youth grants to local youth groups to do activities that must be inside Red Cross Youth Strategy) 

Youths interested to know more on free-fund (fund that Norwegian Red Cross Youth grants to local youth groups to do activities that must be inside Red Cross Youth Strategy) 

This week Skien Red Cross Youths have started an activity in a Haug Hill nursing home in Skien, for elderly people. The concept is interested young people visiting elderly home, once in a while, and spending some good time doing activities that elderly people would love – talking and listening to them, taking them out in fresh air, riding them on bike, playing games, etc. and all in all being creative and letting them enjoy the moments.

We, taking care of an old lady who always loves being out in air

We, taking care of an old lady who always loves being out in air

We also been in an introductory course for the new volunteers in Telemark Red Cross. We found it very interesting to see how new volunteers can actually decide what kind of activity they want to join in Red Cross through such course.

Some interesting things that happened.

Learnt to make Norwegian Boller and also waffles.

Learnt to make Norwegian Boller and also waffles.

Got invited for a homely dinner by a Nepali family <3

Got invited for a homely dinner by a Nepali family <3

First really cold morning and tried figuring out the white layer over the grasses, not snow :D

First really cold morning and tried figuring out the white layer over the grasses, not snow :D

Here we are learning by doing things

So please follow our blog to know what actually we are doing :) :)

Tusen Takk / Dhannewad

Youth Delegates from Nepal.


Thousand Joys

    The first place we stopped by Tusenfryd (Thousand joys) eventually became the word that defined our entire trip.


The first place we stopped by Tusenfryd (Thousand joys) eventually became the word that defined our entire trip.

This time we were travelling taking longer route to Oslo, reaching families who would be the focus of our trip for days. We welcomed kids in autumn vacation mood, who were jolly and excited to know what was next for them. Families who were there? They were Norwegian families and also families not originally from here.

It was so good to see how Norwegian Red Cross is taking care of an increasing number of children in Norway who grow up in families with an income below the poverty line. The children who can not attend the same leisure activities as their classmates, and they often have no touring to talk about after the holidays,making them feel outside and feel uncomfortable in everyday life.

We were so fortunate to be in this activity "Holidays for all (Ferie for Alle)" last week.  .

From our side we had a significant time with the families, who were able to share good experiences and have common memories within family.

And on the other side we also had so much fun and learned some Norwegian words , frokost-breakfast, middag-dinner, veldig bra-very good, ikkesant-right, Norsk- Norwegian & så snill- so kind. :D :D

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Busy Hours in Telemark Red Cross

Re-posted (Blog from 28 September)

Smira Shaya says,”I’m never tired of my work and very grateful to what I have achieved in the past 10 years in my second Country Norway.”

Smira Shaya says,”I’m never tired of my work and very grateful to what I have achieved in the past 10 years in my second Country Norway.”

Samira, one of the very busy staff here in Telemark Red Cross office. She has been working with women and men groups of different culture and supporting different activities for/with them. Since months Samira is busy meeting immigrant people and interviewing people who want to be a Refugee Guide. 

Refugee guide, the concept itself we felt is an appraisal worthy. We came to know that there are hundreds of people who are applying to be a volunteer and many of them want to be refugee guide. Refugee guides are the people who take some time out just to help immigrants to know new place, people and how things are done here in Norway.

 Our work passionate Samira is a coordinator of organizing volunteers from different culture and that is something our entire office is busy with these days. It is really fascinating to see the jump in the number of people who want to be a volunteer and many of them a refugee guid in Red Cross. There are many of asylum seekers here in different parts of Telemark.

We collected 20,000 &nbsp;kr. in a local annual motivation speech program.

We collected 20,000  kr. in a local annual motivation speech program.

In that past days Red Cross here is also supporting and running many fund raising activities that goes for the refugee support in the place where they are, on their way and here in Norway.


We spent last days of the week in Emergency Refugee Reception Center here in Notodden, Telemark and that we have two refugee reception centers here in Telemark by now. There were 174 refugees and that included 20 children. It was so inspiring to see how leader, staffs, volunteers of Notodden Red Cross and local people are cooperating to help the refugees there. We found that the  Red Cross has been there from the first day. For us it's been very different experience to be with refugees and to know what they have gone through. We were there helping them with basic things, talking to them and playing with the kids. 

We felt that we were easily accepted and those people not different at all from us, knew that there are other people who care and understand them regardless of language. It will be very hard for us, to forget the faces and our days that started with their greetings and smile. 

We are trying catch most of the things to update you with :) :)

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Youth delegates fra Nepal