Youth Delegates 2018/2019


Ana is a 22 years old from Cali, Colombia. She is studying Biology and has 7 years of volunteering experience working with the Colombian Red Cross Youth Programs in topics as Leadership, Peace, Action and Coexistence, Prevention of violence and Awareness and care of the environment. In Colombia she has been a national and local instructor in workshops about pedagogical foundation and teaching techniques, as well in leadership for children, teenagers and adults. Ana has also supported the creation of methodologies that facilitate the learning process in diverse topics, including environmental awareness through the empowerment of community actions. Currently, she hopes to be able to learn from this experience to support the processes of leadership and empowerment of young people in humanitarian causes.

Juana, 26 years from  Sogamoso, Colombia. She has nine years of volunteering experience with Colombian Red Cross. Actively participating in School Sector, PACO (peace, Action and Coexistence), Children and Pre-Youth programs of Colombian Red Cross. As Sub-Director in her youth group in Sogamoso she has gained a lot of experience organizing and managing youth camps.  Her background is in Foreign Languages teaching with studies on Human Rights Pedagogy. She has experience working and studying in the USA, and also speaks an intermediate level of French.